Flanders Red

Last week, we gave our production over to brewing a Flanders style red ale. This is a style rarely brewed over here, as to brew something with any degree of complexity, it needs to be aged in wood for a good deal of time. We brewed 2 batches totalling 5000 litres, using Wyeast’s Roselare yeast strain and a complex malt bill with lots of Vienna, aroma malts, cars malt and Special ‘B’.

After primary fermentation, one batch will age in an ex – red wine foudre, the other will go into Burgundy wine barrels. I do not expect to release any of this beer for at least one year, maybe 18 months. We will also hold a good deal of the barrels back for blending with subsequent years production and small quantities into other beers. This really will be an exercise in patience!

Rodenbach Grand Cru, with it’s delicious tartness, has been one of my favourite beers for a long time, if we get anywhere close to that, I will be beyond happy.


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  1. Martin Egan

    Dear Sir,
    I am so pleased you are working on a Rodenbach type beer. My late father Ambrose Egan would have been 94 yesterday and went to school in Roeselare. I will write to you and somewhere have a few brewery photos i will send you when i find them. If you could name this beer ‘Ambrosius’ i would be deeply honoured. If all turns out well and you can send me a small sample, i will place an order with you sufficient to make sending to Torbay worthwhile.
    My best wishes,
    Martin Egan.

  2. David sykes

    I made a Roselaire yeast fruit Lambic and pit it on local sour cherries, Then bottled after about six months. Two years later it was incredible.


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