A little update

Ok, so our website is out of date, really, really out of date. Does that mean we haven’t done anything, no quite the opposite, we have been pretty busy and twitter makes you think you can keep the world informed of your life. So apologies. Will try harder…

So, there will be a few little blog posts over the next few days/ weeks to let you know what has been going on down on the farm and to update the various beer pages. Even if most of the specials are long gone…

We saw out 2014 and welcomed in 2015 with two fantastic accolades, with my being awarded Brewer of the Year by The British Guild of Beer Writers and then being blown away again with our being awarded 4th Best new brewery in the world by Ratebeer.

Needless to say, the gauntlet has well and truly been thrown down. We are excited with some new beers that will be coming out during the first half of 2015, one of which has been ageing for over a year, all of them for many months When we started, I said it’d be a year or three before we fully hit our stride, so please bear with us.


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  1. Ian Grant

    Hi Mark, we met at your Dad’s birthday party last. Julie Grant’s dad ?
    Dad and I have some common interests; walking, The Town Club, and the Pyrenean trek.
    Dad mentioned that you’d been awarded ‘brewer of the year’ by the Guild. Congratulations. Very well done. I haven’t been able to find any of your beers locally but I’ll keep looking! Regards, Ian G

  2. John milborrow

    Hi Mark have become a big fan of plateau through drinking it at Piries bar in Horsham. Today I tried blending it half and half with arise which was on Keg. Absolutely delicious please let me know if I can get arise on hand pump anywhere and well done


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